Our People

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A church is not just made up of people...it is its people!

​Here at Church@TheGabba we have been blessed with a wonderful, diverse, eclectic, gifted and faithful group of people sharing life, love and faith together.

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Ian has been the pastor of the church since 2005. He and Robyn have been married for over 40 years and have seven (adult) children and nine grandchildren (at last count). Before entering the ministry over thirty years ago, Ian was a school teacher and, then, a published cartoonist for many years with the "Pearly Gates" comic strip. This is an area of creative interest he continues today with the syndicated "Bushy Tales" comic strip.

​In addition to local church ministry, Ian has been very involved in mission and ministry in many countries and cultures around the world and, having spent time in over 50 countries, he has a keen interest in sharing the gospel globally as well as locally. He is also passionately committed to seeing the church become a relevant and central part of the local community and this is a major focus of his ministry leadership.

Other interests include travel, photography, golf (and other sports), music and, of course, family.  



Anna is passionate about reaching out to our local community. 

She is responsible for creatively connecting the church to the community and coordinating the various ministries and outreach programs and community activities of the church.

As part of her role, Anna manages our community hub, The Mustard Seed, 3 days a week overseeing a group of volunteers from the church who are dedicated to supporting the community with workshops, events and activities such as Creative Play, Study Groups and Weekend Workshops.

​With a background in Arts Education and a family to take care of, the spare time she has left is dedicated to her illustration, painting, running, gardening and boxing.


Michael is married to Semona and they have two kids, Lucas & Timothy. Michael and Semona are also part-time missionaries with the Global Aid Network (GAiN), the humanitarian strategy of Power to Change, Australia.

Michael has over 11 years of experience in Project Management and shares a passion for Christian ministry and Apologetics. Michael and Semona enjoy traveling and are avid gamers.

Michael brings his passion for the Lord and ministry, coupled with his practical administrative and management experience, to the role of part-time administrator of Church@TheGabba.


Hi, I am Ann. I help in the church office administration area, mainly on accounts.

I enjoy singing and dancing, which fits in well with being a volunteer as part of the worship and Mainly Music teams. 


Church@TheGabba has become an official employer/supplier of a chaplain for East Brisbane State School. This is an exciting development for the church, the school and the community.

Dave Carnell started in the role of chaplain in July, 2021.

Being a qualified and registered teacher (amongst other things) and with a real heart for children, Dave is ideally suited and gifted for this role.

You can find out more about the Chaplaincy at EBSS and about Dave in the Community - Chaplaincy section of this website.

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Our church is a very active one, involved in many activities and ministries within the church community and, also, out in the local community and beyond.

And there is no way we could do everything we do if it were not for the large number of people who volunteer their time, talents and treasure to help out. We believe that God has gifted each one of us with particular gifts and abilities and we want to use them wisely and well.

So whether it be for a regular, on-going, ministry, or one of the many "one-off" events that we run, our group of great volunteers ensures it gets done.

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​Church@TheGabba has become a truly international family church. 

Our people come from over 25 different countries around the world, with Africa, Asia, South-East Asia, Europe, the Middle East, South America, North America and the South Pacific all represented.

Not only do the people of Church@TheGabba represent lots of countries and cultures, but we also have just about every age and stage represented, too!

From precious newborns to priceless nonagenarians...we love them all!

So, in so many ways, Church@TheGabba is a church for everyone....and anyone.

Even you!